Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6: Care for some java?!

I usually have 2 cups of French press coffee before school but today I needed a little more. Since I was the first to arrive at the office, I headed over to the coffee maker to brew a fresh pot of java.  As I was prepping the materials, the sun was shining on a wooden table and I mused on how this kind of light would affect the photo. What I found interesting, is that the photo almost looks cartoonish.  I'm sure there is a term to describe this characteristic but my education in the art of photography is quite limited.

Or maybe it's just overexposed.


  1. I like how the filter looks almost like a gear in a piece of machinery. I think this photos says "coffee is what keeps my motor running."

  2. I thought it was the flames of a cooktop. I'm a good coffee addict, and immediately respect people who take the trouble to make 'real' coffee. Or maybe it's just that I'm addicted. Oh, and sugar too.